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Andre Givogue in Copper
Andre Givogue as Eraklion in Immortals
Andre Givogue in Gatineau Park for Mountain Fight

André Givogue Stuntman, Actor and Producer

The adrenaline rush was always a feeling that I like,
being on the edge all the times, always pushing my limits a little further”.

Whether a bad-boy lead character or “expendable savage number 1”, André Givogue was born for the role.

André’s stunt and acting career started since 2004 of local short films and major Hollywood productions. Beneath the makeup and costumes, Andre is a young, intelligent, energetic athlete and natural team player.

André Givogue was born and raised in rural area South East of Ottawa Ontario where he discovered his passion for a wide array of combat and performance martial arts, gymnastics and acrobatics.

André has acted in many roles including; faculty member stunt actor in the award winning Jamie & Eddie: Souls of Strife (which won the Best Action Sequence Award for the awesome fight scene performance at the Action On Film Festvial 2009), street tough stunt actor in the other award winning EVOL (which won the Best Audience Award at the LA’s Action On Film Festival in 2010!) and many others.

Despite being proud of his hard work, having earned his way into the Actra union, he’s not satisfied! “I have a lot more to learn and a lot more to do”, he says. André Givogue has been making his presence felt on the screen and is now actively pursuing is career and dream as a professional stuntman. (You should see the videos and demo reels available at http://www.andregivogue.com)

Some highlights from André Givogue’s career:

  • Stunt actor and producer in the film “EVOL”. Best Audience Choice Award winner AOFF 2010
  • Stunt actor and promotion’s manager in “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”, nominated Best Foreign Film and won Best Action Sequence AOFF 2009! Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife beat out a high budget film starring Ron Pearlman (Hellboy) in the awards!
  • In charge of opening the race at the 2009 Redbull Crashed Ice event!
  • Starred in The Scarab, Anno Domini 3048, Mountain Fight, Taxi Depot Fight, NX Files
  • Active volunteer for Carleton Condominium Corporation 25 (vice-president), YouthNet, Make a Wish Foundation, the Foodbank

André Givogue is always eager to participate in high action films as a character or a stuntman. “Bring it on!





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